About us

In the year of 1991 when final year Computer Science students were leaving college after their exams, they were looking for a way keep in touch through a simple mechanism. Not to mention Internet was a luxury those days.

Having gone through several ideas, it was finally agreed to get an address book printed that would contain name, address and few words from each of the classmates. This address book was finally printed out in the shape of a little handy autograph book, which was later distributed to each of the classmates. This soon became the most precious souvenir for everyone.

In 1994, when Internet started to become obvious tool to publish and share information over web, we crated bunch of HTML pages out of each page of that book and hosted at Tripod's free home page site.

This effort became so popular, that we added forms and started collecting submissions from other batches as well. We received several members in such a short time lines, that we felt the need to our content through our dedicated domain name.

Time passed by and it was 2001 when we reserved domain "mcealumni.org".

Our goal was to keep our pages simple, clean and absolutely no advertisement and to present the alumni information in a meaningful manner.

We chose open source tools such as PHP, MySql as our coding platform for obvious reasons. All pages were migrated to new system and we began accepting members from all over the world.

The success of our community is solely due to the participation of past students of MCE. We are so delighted to see that we have managed to create a common platform for all past students to keep in touch with their fellow classmates across the globe.