Umakanth Reddy
1999, Industrial & Production

They said it!!

"yaavath jeeveth jeevath sukham"-Iruvastu dina jeevanadalli sansthosha vagiru.
SAKKATH BINDAAS life BIDLA.I miss my MCE friends & my "KADLEKAI TEAM" a lot.IP branch was like JOINT-FAMILY & our HOD was the ideal-fond head .I really had the pleasure of "MALENAADINA MAANIKYA KSHNAGALU".Accidentally i was popular by the name "KABHI-KABHI reddy".I will never-ever forget our "HI-POINT"(our house in Devappana Koppalu)& my hi-pointeers viz kappe,Moortz,Moni,MAMU,Laxmi,etc.I feel very happy abt our house(HASSAN)& it's owner mohan babu & fond kids like gundu,smarty,pavi,etc.It was "VICHITRA LIFE" in PANCHAVATI HOSTEL.
MY advice "Please help the people in need around u". Becoz now-a-days v give solid tips in BARS & restaurants than help the really-needed.

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